The aura on your faceI wonder the scintillationThat shower on your demureSo valvety, vivid and voracious.  The moon sometimes envy youOh beloved! Loving you was my blessings,Wish our endearment lasted forever.Today the moon is crying as well,And the sunflower watching in despair.For you are the angel walkingWith you periwinkle dance in airAnd moon smileAnd theContinue reading “She”

Urdu Nazm with recitation

Chale hum paimano ko chor char ke Nibhali hi bahut fehrishto ki batein Hum nahi hai woh jo tum smajh rahe ho Hum nahi hai lehron se behne wale. Kash tumhe bhi samjh aa jaye kuch nutfe Qaasid nahi aa rahe ab batane waste Falak tak toh main pachuch jao ga (Insha Allah) Awaz phirContinue reading “Urdu Nazm with recitation”

She ( 3)

Each day I yearn to see her,On the same platform where she left me.I see her caricature exactly  Below this lamp-postUntil the tangerine sunsetgets enveloped by the darkness of the night. Like the relinquished king I still waveLike how I bid her adios the last time.Her  smuged memoriesoverpowering me at timesHave taken from methe overwhelmingContinue reading “She ( 3)”

Untitled poem.

The fluttering wind echoes petrichor tales. What vermilion love you bring, oh dear? The sun had set, the sun had set. Can you beat the time’s recompense? I am the being that breathe elixir of veritability. I can’t escape the jabs of time. On my knees I am dear, please hold my hand For oneContinue reading “Untitled poem.”


I failed you each time you called me, Time’s has its own way and I submit to him, It’s unlikely that I will win. So why do have you halted yourself? It’s time for you leave and leave!. I don’t have words now. How can a small box carry a big one? You ought toContinue reading “Adieu”


This poem happened when I replied to my awesome fellow reader in a poetic way and that triggered the poetic replies and led into beautiful symphony. And due to my unavailability and her priorities this poem got delayed for the good. Please do follow her, her writing is really mesmerizing and subtly sublime. Pramegha ThisContinue reading “Kaleidoscope”