I failed you each time you called me, Time’s has its own way and I submit to him, It’s unlikely that I will win. So why do have you halted yourself? It’s time for you leave and leave!. I don’t have words now. How can a small box carry a big one? You ought toContinue reading “Adieu”


This poem happened when I replied to my awesome fellow reader in a poetic way and that triggered the poetic replies and led into beautiful symphony. And due to my unavailability and her priorities this poem got delayed for the good. Please do follow her, her writing is really mesmerizing and subtly sublime. Pramegha ThisContinue reading “Kaleidoscope”

Make India colourful again.

Make India colourful again,  Where knowledge floats free, Where beating hearts roam free. Where nights are not dawned upon by fears.. But a sign for the sun shine to gleam. Oh, God who hath created the terrain of  peninsula, the giant mountains pecked scrounging the winds of chills. The Arabians and bays tilling the soilContinue reading “Make India colourful again.”

Poetry is you.

Poetry is not just the words, poetry is you. Poems do not speak, speaketh what is you. It speak to the world in silent words, Even though the mouths remain shut. . I have pain, longing, desires & epiphanies, And soulful words soujouring in my larynx.. While it comes to mouth in ominous shy. AndContinue reading “Poetry is you.”

Sticky downhill… 

Time to venture out and swim in the sea,  Elements, elixirs  that maketh thee.  Certain clocks that stopped ticking  Tis not the time, it’s constantly  marching,  Tis tiriding at my slumber state,  Smashing against the tyranny that upholds,  Though my eyes were open  Never had I opened the third one,  Until now, I see theContinue reading “Sticky downhill… “

The ballad of the wall. 

#poem#peace. I sat on the doorstep of abandoned house. Scattered torn and spilled, Grothous*. Amazed by, sycamore and teak tree. Standing telling the history. Look I saw, broken toys and dolls. The carvings on walls The children echo from alls. Pearls like shine, in my eyes. As the tears fall down. Family and brethren allContinue reading “The ballad of the wall. “

A song. Peace. #Stayignited

(A view from my classroom) Take wide steps, be the change  Don’t be afraid, break the cage.  Arise awake for life is at stake.  Every moment is meaningful Every hardship is a test.  Born like a hero  Grown up like a king Into the world full of extreme. Making in, our way seem difficult Strugglin’,Continue reading “A song. Peace. #Stayignited”