Chasm Beh rahi- Urdu Ghazal with English Translation. With my recitation.

Chasm beh rahi meri dil ki baar se, Yeh sehma tha dara kai raat se Tears are rolling down from the eyelids of heart, That was timid and prone to fear for nights. Hum se kehta jee apne javaaz me, Has le chor qayde fazool aafaat se. It always said live your life the fullestContinue reading “Chasm Beh rahi- Urdu Ghazal with English Translation. With my recitation.”

Be like a periwinkle.

You see in every nook and corner the periwinkle that grows so subtly almost unnoticed and at times weeded out. The myriad of flowers ranging from blue, white and then pink bundled forming a nexus, a synergy channeling mirth in the spirit of life. The sashay of wind whispering to the ears of them tickleContinue reading “Be like a periwinkle.”


Life progress ahead Mauve sheets dribble hues of blues, Stories get unfold. She brings bright gospels Her fingers sparkle glitters Spring trailing behind. Love died when she died, She grew flowers and branches, Preyed upon by some foes. Sun shines but doesn’t smile, His moon eclipsed forever Sky shatters on ground. ©Aquib Copyright reserved.


The aura on your faceI wonder the scintillationThat shower on your demureSo valvety, vivid and voracious.  The moon sometimes envy youOh beloved! Loving you was my blessings,Wish our endearment lasted forever.Today the moon is crying as well,And the sunflower watching in despair.For you are the angel walkingWith you periwinkle dance in airAnd moon smileAnd theContinue reading “She”