Flying ridges lingering in the toroidal lanes,
Feeding morsels were zombies; pale,
Hand drenched in burgundy blood,
“Heads or tails”, but it always fail.




Epochs, aeons, periods;combined,
Axle, loops, circles circambulating,
Yang yin, past, future & kith and kin,
Dreaming stuck in loop, ‘tween.





Hiding patches of scars amidst,
Aminds course sand and off beat tracks,
Ears longing to hear a soulful voice,
Signing empty breaches of hearts; akin.





Lusty days of longing happiness,
Stars in my sky failed to shine,
Sun that remained in west.
Lost hopes in the closet, closed.




World reminded a perplexing cage,
Love reminded a frivolous well,
Swaying wind echoes all the tales,
Sung by drooped vertebrae & sacrilege.




Whining, charading and tattering
Arrows, filled the sky dry,
Soaked the lustre from within,
Left like a orphan with a cry.




Sung hymn that coalesce time and space,
Convalescing the prevailing grimy state,
Stop and bulwark in the ramparts,
Let the peace prevail.

©Copyright reserved 2018



– Aquib.



This poem happened when I replied to my awesome fellow reader in a poetic way and that triggered the poetic replies and led into beautiful symphony.

And due to my unavailability and her priorities this poem got delayed for the good.

Please do follow her, her writing is really mesmerizing and subtly sublime.


This poem that I am sharing its an serendipidy sometimes things just happen.

And we added the remaining stanzas to complete it.


Let the afflatus of poetry flow.
Summon oh dear! , let your words flow, the tides are high and the ark ready to afloat.
Board the deck, join the crew.
I have stepped down already, on this ark
Not with this mortal flesh, but with my soul
Can’t you see me?
With all your wisdom, I witness
You aught to be the mariner Supreme ,
The Visage of the flag.
I summon your poetic you to rule and mesmerize .
I can see sparkles the shimmery shine
The shine is but the reflection
Of the glow of the sea
We wish not to conquer but to blend,
The waves and me
There are submissive laws,
That universes get governed with,
Don’t shed tears or lay beneath,
The sorrow and vexed huts,
Don’t be their secluded hermit.
Embrace the divine laws.
Submit to the divine inspiration.

My submission is clear,
To the laws and Faith in divinity.
Don’t ask me but,
To abandon sorrow.
For that which is a flaw of my flesh
Can’t diminish, can’t vanish
Sure the marks on sand of time,
Don’t wash away with the waves,
It exist in realm where
what exist is you.
There once you set yourself to the truth,
Your new garment embraces you
With new zeal and vigour.
And sets you free.
And sets me free.

Under the laws of divinity .

To yet again walk on those sands,

With the new ark whistling .

To yet again touch the waves

Anticipating the journey.

The ocean of possibilities,

The mighty tides of poetry.

©Copyright reserved.

By, Pramegha and Aquib.

the keleidoscope the electricity in brain, word them before they get lost.

Make India colourful again.


Make India colourful again, 

Where knowledge floats free,

Where beating hearts roam free.

Where nights are not dawned upon by fears..

But a sign for the sun shine to gleam.

Oh, God who hath created the terrain of  peninsula, the giant mountains pecked scrounging the winds of chills.

The Arabians and bays tilling the soil to nourishment along with soulful winds.

Oh! see, the dark mongers of humanity has relegated the core of Indianism and made us pickets of candle marchers and bearers of gases tearing the eyes and flushing away.

The epochs of colonism, where

Where hands saw no divide,

Where tears dropped the same lachmyral drops,

And beated hearts in unison, crimsoned in red

Ready to bleed with just beats and steps,

Drew away the white mongers

Who ensnared us in scathing slavery…

And freed us breathing the free…

Alas, the martyred soul, “don’t returneth to the land of thee”

It’s dwellers fight and drenched hands in greed.

The fickleness has produced a regressed mind.

The divide has wedged and eyes in sea of dreadful opulence.

Oh, Birds of golden era don’t resurrect for your eyes cannot image and ears cannot audit the cries of helpless in agony.

The aghastness in the shadow of dark affluent, dies each day relinquishing,

Where its children of morphed culture dies in the awe of conspired  modernisation,

Where the era of unlawful jingoism blanching the minds.

Make India colourful again,

Colouring the world

Walking  with beautiful minds ,

Treading the path of freedom fighters,

With Echoing  words of great leaders ..

Where women heads were held high,

Where culture rose to zenith flushing away the animalistic obscenity.

Oh God!  Make India colourful again.

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2017


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A dried solitary leaf. (Poem) 

Time and again it reminded,

When it was the bud,

Belonging to the twig of its colony.
Flurrying to its glory,

Growing to its full laminar stage,

With all its stipulary accessory mates ,

All the shines it absorbed,

and burn itself to produce the chimes,

To the world of callous mortals.

Eating, enjoying and merry making,

Forgot to give its ‘ customary mandate’ ,

To the leaf jarring from the twig

Tis now a solitary leaf falling from the twig,

Trampled by everyone’s feet...



It reminded, the once glory

A Lush green sparkling story

Where fruits of life grows

Thud – thudding the evergreen floor,

And our children looked and aimed,

With the catapult’s stones.

Now withered to Grey,

As the tears falling away it felled,

Covered the grass with the blood

Crimsoned in scarlet red.

Yes, the leaf, without its rumbling,

Waiting for the apologies

Lies lifeless without the eulogies.


yes!!, It’s a solitary leaf falling from the twig

Trampled by everyone’s feet…


Never have I given a thought,

Does my life like it’s similitude?

Where once I started afresh

Felt all the warmth and love

Now, I got jolted by calumny affairs,

Removed from the umbilicus pool,

Trampled by everyone’s feet

As I lost my own instinct.

As a dried fallen solitary leaf,

Fallen from a twig,

Trampled by everyone’s feet?

©Copyright reserved 2017!ns¡ght


Aquib. Keep smiling.

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Deep in the treasure of yester days,

Lies mysteries embedded in the memories of forgotten tales.

That past heralding the echoes in ear,

Reminding those of declining days.

Time that bore forsaken fruit,

Thundered in the heavenly canopy,

The roads where mind roam freely

Reminding me it’s only a fallacy.

At Nights watching that firefly.

Brothers that only smiled,
love that starlit stardust had

Reminding me, its the oblivion that I had.

Those fairy tales that echoed;

Of tales where the love wins;

Of the truthful that never would be deceived,

Reminding of the relics fancied.

Running racing with the wind

That breeze shushed, sashaying the hint

To fervor frantically wedging it’s girth

Falling facing the divine prisma

Reminding me it’s lost under the sham stigma

Moulding as the tectonic plates shifts.

Sailing around the sun,

With time that all started

Will be sundered at the dead end,

Reminding of the Hour that belittlingly belied.


!ns¡ght 2017

Copyright reserved 2018.

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The Smile ….

I saw you, dear, with a smile on your face,

followed your mind as you sway

and made my heart yearn for thee

and made my lips accustomed to your name

Just by the smile on your face.


You made my heart a vacant space

filled by your, only presence!

i walked your steps and your treads,

towards the turn i turn  away, Only!

Just by the smile on your face.


My eyes tries to tell my endearment

the stone on my heart shadowed, before it radiates

a will, passion and desire so strong yet so meek,

a feeling of closeness remains

just by the smile on your face.


You as a whole but seems a part of me

dry tears of my affection just echoes in your ears

stumbling endearment  I share, but

your heart beating and just beated, only.

And I smile,

just by the smile on your face.



©Copyright reserved  !ns¡ght 2017

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aquib. keep smiling.

The day.

Stones where I rested my back on,
Are contemptuously jinxing me.

Sporadic Spasm in my muscles,

The poison does not disintegrate.

The arrows in my bivouacing sky,

still lingers in my grimy eyes.




Ah! My gallant derides sans sanity,

I raged in the skeptic night,

Non-convalescent and acrimonious.

I incercerated in the shambles of the shams.

I lay there solitary like lifeless leaf,

Escaping raining arrows.

And blows of the silvery

Majestic swords,

Shimmering in my eyes.




Rose up against all my effigies,

scattering All the inundated love

with the surge of all the adrenaline.

Those bygone interludes in the my vitreous,

trudging and Perspiring…

Until the dagger pierced my heart… .

the hands drenched
in my warm and crimson blood

Were the hands that I used to hold.
They forgot the fate is same for all.

Those masquerading cellophane faces,
They clench the same sand of time,

slipping, however they it hold tight.




I dropped high in the cardinal oblivion.

Resplendently marched to the new beginning

Where the soulful winds

That blows life

Smelling the fragrance of my harvest

From The flowers that ‘ll bloom

On The day when the trumpet will be blown.

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©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2018


Tranquil aisle. 

​#insight #poem 

Elixirs that made me who i was;

of happiness, sadness and tides of lows and highs

of those tiny smiling moments,

The bereaved moments; interred!

The drenching heart blacked out

From ill-taints and murky fog.

Those moments that brought gleeful tears.

And of those that drenches heart. 

That brumal nights that quivered me 

From tip to toe. 


Seeing and standing at the precipice of life, 

Tenebrously relflecting the rays 

Rainbows; indigo, violet, orange and red, 

Ah! Those ‘VIBGYOR’! 

Alas! Formed at the terrain of the cheeks; swaying faraway!

Looking back hither – forth a gaping smile appeared

Seeing the dented heart,

Still beating the viscous blood

Violent and charred that turned blue.

Pitch dark were nights and burning days

Those winters full of frozen desires

Hazed in translucent misty fog

That barred cage that incarcerated me

Occulted me from the opulence

Standing now at faraway stupor

Greying pummeled by time supreme.


Things that looked bright and beautiful 

Love that never reciprocated 

That brother soujoured in cold, 

Friends that gleefully turned malevolent, 

Though smiling at them, those tiny caricatures! 

As the palpitating heart trembled, 

Petty microscopic belching caricature 

Seemed insignificant and meagre,

Seeing garden beneath that rivers run

Those that they see not

Washed away their ill propensities done .


I stayed all night,

‘now a sunny adieu to all’

‘clearing my life’s account that you had’

Then opened my eyes in the tranquil aisle.


All rights reserved 2017

!ns¡ght, Aquib. 

Images credit : respective owners. Google images. 


The dew drops sparkle,
On the grass as I peep into its glory.
It remind me of enigma, the quarks,
The electrons and its make- up.
The sun rose to its glory,
Casting warmth to it.
The smile it wore as it split the light,
Illuminating the VIBGYOR.

The grass smiled inhaling warmth,
And sorrounding trees smirked at it.
Exchanging sarcasm and mirth.

In all the lands where seasons circled,
And to the land where midnight stretched,
And in the land onto which darkness spreads.
Think not as a thing of chance,
But a plan of the Sovereign.
The universe swims, with a destined whim .
Each day tirading and becoming thin ,
We ought do succumb to do wrongs ,
Blame it on fate or its book ? Nay!
Your step lied on the time,
Where you defied the line.
“Now what for you shed tears?”
In the nights where you casted away
The knights with the messages.
Alas! then bear the penitence .

Wait for then the new day ,
There nigh the drops shine ,
Welcoming to embrace .
Step for it and engulf the shine .
And see then what for the light stands .

In response to the daily prompt day.

The setting of the sun.

Image credit Aquib.

My endearment lied in my hands,

Unblemished it was unable to reach your shore.

We though seem to converge,

But it was the lie of the eye.

We were parellel like the shore.


My tears, laughter dried with your Visage diverging,

In the teritory where my shadow vanishes,

Thou shalt then have the shade unknown.

And my memories as honey dripping on your soul.


I was shattered in sea of turmoil,

With wounds of time when I collided.

Dear, why hath you laughed at my wounds?”

Even though your heart cried,

Your shine christened my wounds.


I can’t see sun brilliant at us,

Hazing you, besides the warmth.

The cold doth chilled me but

your clandestine embrace

(You were my God sent sun)

Though healed my wounded heart.

‘Silly me, with each crystals of Epiphany,

Swayed me away with the ebbing riverine.’

How canst you then lie in the ashen figments?

It’s a Phoenix and will resurrect,

resuscitate you when thy sun rage.

Silly you to say me endearing words,

The uncanny bulwark faltered,

Buried our wonderlust love..


The Harp that I played the lore ,

Echoed in the valley of wraiths

The strings percussed until

It broke with jaded crescendo.

Will ye be happy now?, Nah!

My farewell remain due until now.

Will ye then witness the sun set?

It’s now lost in the horizon.

Where you shalt then happily cry,

And with glee my prayers

Will Jocund your walks.


©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2018.