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Treading the path

Glee,jolly along with its fire

But stumbled across

Deluged wall, a demean

An oasis of hope.

Dessicating the elixers,

With each mighty approach.


Floundering in the flood of dismay,

A caricature  demure,

Pushing towards the sanity

Deputising , soothing , harmonizing.

Became the ‘driving force.’


Alas , vaporizing each day

Unable to solve the mind’s equation

Felled into the trench of frivolity

Vapour vanished ultimately.



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A dried solitary leaf. (Poem) 

Time and again it reminded, 

When it was the bud, 

Belonging to the twig of its colony. 

 Flurrying  to its glory,  

Growing to its full laminar stage,

With all its stipulary stagnate, 

All the shines it absorbed, 

and burn itself to produce the chimes,

To the world of callous mortals.  

Eating, enjoying and merry making, 

Forgot to give its ‘ customary mandate’ , 

To the leaf jarring from the twig

 Tis now a solitary leaf falling from the twig, 

Trampled by everyone’s feet...


  It reminded,  the once glory 

A Lush green sparkling story 

Where fruits of life grows 

Thud thudding the evergreen floor, 

And our children looked and aimed, 

With the catapult’s stones. 

Now withered to Grey, 

As the tears falling away it felled,  

Covered the grass with the blood 

Crimsoned in scarlet red. 

Yes, the leaf, without its rumbling, 

Waiting for the apologies

Lies lifeless without the eulogies. 

  yes!!, It’s a  solitary leaf falling from the twig 

Trampled by everyone’s feet…  


Never have I  given a thought, 

Does my life like it’s similitude? 

Where once I started afresh 

Felt all the warmth and love 

Now,   I got  jolted by  calumny affairs, 

Removed from the umbilicus pool, 

Trampled by everyone’s feet 

As I lost my own instinct.

As a dried fallen solitary leaf,

Fallen from a twig, 

Trampled by everyone’s feet… 

(I wish to continue it.)

I hope you like…. My dear readers. 

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Aquib. Keep smiling.

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The path ii

Things said and done 

We are not together, not one

My path is different from common ones

Dulcet scribbles in a cascade’s shun, 

Had to digest, else, can cause constipation. 

Words facades in your intuition 

’cause your living in a  glitzy mansion, 

That fetters your trepidation 

And cause you to slip in your hullicination. 

Remember a contumacious rejection 

Will cause the harm of the salvation. 

Don’t flounder in a flood of confusion. 

The signs for the path is casting till horizon, 

Don’t ignore and be in transgressing unison. 

Things said and done 

Are we still together or one? 

Aquib Khan

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Don’t sweat the small stuffs Gals and guys sweat it for bigger stuffs.


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Lost ‘me’ 

Fiery eyed, passion and raging blood.

Since when I lost myself in the dunes of smudgy cruxes.

Oh, see the time’s tyranny, haha!! , trampling me to extreme.

Robbed time to solve the jig saw of typifying broken-mirror,

In each I saw a forlorn me.

My institutions,

Tirading, jolting, giving me the electrifying shock.

                    Conspicuous web of dilemma hovering me,

The love,  the anchor is weak withering me,

Turning me to a vacuous vegabound,

The gossamer me shaking.

Me,  bereft of ‘me’.  

Comeback ‘me’!! …

Oh God of universe!  return me the ‘me’  that I meant to be with.

Entwining,   eventually with the ‘lost me’.  


Hey my dear readers before you get worried  about me (if you care).,Alhamdulillah I am fine. Just feeling bogged. Dunno why?

This poem just turned out like this, hope you like it.

Any thoughts,  suggestions and advice  please do comment will appreciate it a lot. 


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Here I am. 

#life #poem. 

I took my pen to write, 

and wrote till my blood spur out, 

Only because I have a pen

Just a pen for a moor. 

Mightier than the sword

I transformed, get on my horse, 

Fought valiantly till my soul come out. 

Blood stained on my paper, 

Tell some tale in a crooked fragments, 

Life sadness and people are transient. 

Has a withering tenant. 

I saw an individual walking yesterday 

Lies in the earth sleeping today. 

Why do my friends waste tears? 

Your problems, sadness, I swear, 

Certain, is that,  it would wash away

Don’t be afraid, for loses, You share, 

I might bore the same. 

Come smile with me each day

I am a wanderer, bore not, the usual trend 

I write not for accolades

But to connect and make friends. 

Come along, 

Let’s climb the mountains, 

Swim the depth of the sea. 

Know that, what you knew not. 

Appreciate the wonders and Signs,  

Which is as calming  as smile.  

The sun swims and sets apparently, 

The moon tread so vehemently,  

The stars at night embellish 

Come dear sail, and relish. 

This is for appreciation for all my readers, you all are my friends,  (whether you have subscribed me or not, for eg one of those who aren’t on WordPress)  keep smiling, keep the grind on, and don’t sweat the small stuffs, you got any problems 


Main hoon na. 

Aquib Khan. 

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2017. 

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 lol, you are right…) 

Wanna see something of different dimensions read this.

Transitory dimension 

Life’s game


Life twist

Life takes so many odd turns that it becomes incomprehensible.We did not realize the aftermath of the decisions we take,   always have a constant thinking that the ‘get going’ would be smooth without any hurdles.

Contrary to our assumptions and planning a  volcano like things erupt that destroy the mood and elixir of our undertakings ,life becomes a mesh and looks like a difficult maze where the exit is no where.

Life’s game.

Do we have a feeling of bed of roses?

Life is full of thorns without poises.

What is it takes to live!!!  its not just breaths and beats, 

Amalgamate hardship and many such things. 


Some do have blinkers on

Do not have time and scope to see them all

 they enjoin within the glitzy humdrums and pleasures

They succumb to Leechiness 

And aloof from life’s treasure.


Bards numbers do linger

Life is not eternal but declensional

It’s definitely significant and beneficent.

We must value it for it has a next life

To prosper and grow and be steadfast in light.

We have the questions to be answered

For a day is waiting and moment to come

Have we ever pondered over the wrongs we have done?

( to be continued…. )

(A  poem from my coffer, Phoenix’d ).

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Gloomy days and haunt full nights 

Each day a tirading swaps of echos of plight 

Without smile and lips frowned at fights 

With each dark moment and 

With people masquerading sights

Without the soft hand of bricked heart and mind , 

Without the fake-ness that reached heights 

I smiled through  every walking’s side .. 

Sycophancy, hypocrisy, nepotism, and dark Whispers of insanity,  peaked. 

Alas, they can’t discern the pungent quality they themselves deceived. 

The fundamentals of all believes, their blackness cannot receive. 

They die each day for they forget it’s all ‘ the inevitable’s leave’. And 

All I can do is smile at their dodgy  beliefs. 
Junk files in the mind need purging, 

Or need a scathing and shredding, 

See, then, the mind and soul  synchronizing. 

Oh, I need to smile now. 
Smiling now, the last


A star. 

Time and now under the dorky nights, 

Resting there with all the glittery stars,
And with sweet smiling glistening moons.

A bright star set apart his journey,
The dwarf one in the ever expanding universe, 

Crossing the pack of asteroids,

Moving in the jolting zig zag way.
Crossing constellation of its species burning intensely .
The enigmatic planets surround him, attracted, and exploited its shine and energy.
 black holes, a tunnel, dark and deep.
So powerful that things vanished as it see.
It crosses its periphery with sign of relief.

The entire cosmic’s ups and downs
The heavenly motions and laws
All of them following in a defined pattern
Setting up a magnificent equilibrium.

days of its, the core, has a limit.
The thoughts of this star has no free will.
Burning till epochs to only condensed and  chill.
Whilst my eyes lid shuttering the eyes ,
and yearning what’s special.. for  all  of these? .

(to be continued)

 ©Copyright reserved  !ns¡ght 2017 

(just a fact, starts do revolve and rotate its not fixed at  a certain point) 


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Song on betrayal. Why you leavin.?

#poem #life

Repost. (enjoy ) 

For all those fakers who veils against the mask. 

You take your  back fast,  I don’t wanna smell your fart.

Hey My friend where; you heeding? 

Look, I stood for you, but now you are leaving. 

You knew me not, I am the stoic. 

I made and carved your way, 

So that you may not get stray. 

Yea, my friend why, you leavin. 

Seeing me, the other side, I gave you the aisle. 

You snatched all, from me,  but now you are leavin. 

You showed me your back, for you stepped on me, like a crab.. 

Like Julius’s friend you stabbed, 

You used to blew my flute. 

But now, why “et tu brute? ” 

for now I paid you my price . 

And counted till thrice, 

And showed,’ what!’,that  you were, stupid? 

Like a broken strings in Cupid’s



You got money, I got my integrity, 

You know, that people love me, 

Although I am not a celebrity.(Ahaha) 

You forget a poem we learnt in Sanskrit.

You got stiffed, yea, 

You ought to be broken by a slight whip. Yep. 

For a twig, astute. 

remains humble when it bears fruit. 

‘I,’, ‘me’ who you are, what you gonna be? 

For I believe in ‘we’. 

For I meddle with no one’ 

But with awl ‘ (ahem) (don’t meddle with me) 

‘ You leavin’?’ 

I tell you must leave. 

For you lost your instinct. 

Hey , where you heeding.?


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The game – 2 (peom) 

Game 1

I  was wrong to think of you of my own kind. 

I was wrong to call you a friend of mine. 

I was wrong to wait  for  you . 

I was wrong and  you  proved me right. 

To think of shallowness of water, 

Until I plunge to choke in the benthic. 

To think of softness of your heart,

Until I  stumbled over that. 

The smile I received with the scintillating stars, 

The breeze pecked me with the trees laughing with me, 

The peace I receive when my forehead sunk in praising the Almighty. 

World’s chores are like that, 

The prerogatives are bit harsh, 

 Darkened soul with benefits and ready to give scars, 

Choose the emanating stars, 

That burns within itself, 

And shine glistening with the light. 

©copyright reserved  !ns¡ght2017