words I have….. 

words I have to say lurking in the greyest matter of the brain.

To be me is the toughest task I take.

For the people it may seem wary, but I hide through my smile a longing unfathomable to be deciphered.

To my lonely self I speak for he is complaining to myself to complement himself through me.

Sure time ticks making present as moments and as it goes it devours each cell to senescence.

A withering nature of human reminds us each day can be the last, each micro second can be the last one.

People appear and disappear like fruits growing and it fall away.

A need,  a sense of belonging is infinitesimally small if its equated with time.

Thrown away books smile in the tears and as silver fishes turn it into dust, each says ‘ just for one bad chapter you had thrown me away’.

Your nature as stubborn and ignoble it can be lastly it breaks your spinal of your identity.

A word I have to say lurking in the greyest  matter of the brain. 


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True love…  (poem) 

Telling you an awesome tale,

Of a boy who lives and search his bays.

happiness he spread with no hatred. 

And spent his days with his chosen  friends, 

Smiling and sharing gleeful  tales. 

He grew up with principles and fables, learnt. 

And met and made new friends with group of boys and girls. 

One such among took his heart, 

And he fell for her, as if he got ensnarled. 

He helped and glued with her,

But his Adhesive were so pale.

An another boy took his love

So far in stinted fane,

She did not realise, and followed,

For the boy looked in aghast shallow.

He spent days and nights sinking in the thoughts,

For actually,  what went wrong!

The relinquishing remarks he made,

This wasn’t his love, and it’s a mistake. ..

He went forth treading his paths

Becoming what he desires,

And engrossing the thing he admire,.

He sat one day, and thought for his love.

Tears formed in his eyes and dried

As his comrades can infer.

All his days passed like a unquenchable thirst…

‘All I did,  was only for her return..

A piece of my heart is still with her..

Alas, my remorse can never discern.’

He grew and grew and grew old.

His might and strength and body senescenced,
A parchment paper appears and says,

‘The love you craved has died,

The girl once you  loved, has realised’

For her hearts beated for him,

Craving to returned to her  vortex

But alas! everything were too late.

His thirst quenched with the ink,

As it disappears with the tears in every winks.

And closed his eyes with a smile

And saw his love talking to him, again

Taking him to the  magnificent realm of sane.

Aquib khan .

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The path ii

Things said and done 

We are not together, not one

My path is different from common ones

Dulcet scribbles in a cascade’s shun, 

Had to digest, else, can cause constipation. 

Words facades in your intuition 

’cause your living in a  glitzy mansion, 

That fetters your trepidation 

And cause you to slip in your hullicination. 

Remember a contumacious rejection 

Will cause the harm of the salvation. 

Don’t flounder in a flood of confusion. 

The signs for the path is casting till horizon, 

Don’t ignore and be in transgressing unison. 

Things said and done 

Are we still together or one? 

(I really like the flash series)

Keep smiling

Aquib Khan

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Path (unfinished) 

#poem #insight

Deep into the clouds of horde

Alone with everybody 

I walk searching for my aisle

In the darkness of frivolity. 

To my path as I walk. 

As I walk with folks around

The faces I missed, masked. 

To its vanity I got ensnarled 

To my dears, I wrote words in my heart. 

I may end here but you should go on. 

‘What happened, happened! try to move on,

Nothing ‘s permanent here, carry on…’ 

I tread, 

To a place of unstinted abundance 

And a realm magnificent, 

I stretched my vision, 

For some clue and signs. 

(originally, I wrote this in my free class’ s period  but  last two stanzas got erased in my pockets, haste make a waste, dang it.  

but now  It turned out like this , hope you like it., btw..)

Have an awesome day.

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the story . poem.

be th change, motivational

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Aquib Khan (pissed off a little bit at myself and my note app.🙁😠🙁)

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A song. Peace. #Stayignited

(A view from my classroom)

Take wide steps, be the change 

Don’t be afraid, break the cage. 

Arise awake for life is at stake. 

Every moment is meaningful

Every hardship is a test. 

Born like a hero 

Grown up like a king

Into the world full of extreme.

Making in, our way seem difficult

Strugglin’,  fighting for our place,

Not givin’ in,   drawn from our place.
People hurdlin’, puttin’ the stones,

Exploiting and jarrin’ on their own

Like the six hundred, we marchin’ in,

Like the spartan, we blowin’ in,

Like the Hamzah, we roarin in.

Like the football, they kickin’ us,

Like the Mountains, we standin’ in

Nobody’s game, why you botherin’ in

Mind your roads, you can’t win over us,

We are made from the water, flowin’ in

Silly souls, take a back, we kickin’ in.

We have joined hands, bondin’ in.

Let free all the captives, we come in

Take your arms back, we disarmin’ in.

We are together, peace is flowin’ in

We are together, peace is flowin’ in.

A not so good bard

Aquib Khan.

Keep smiling. 

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The story (monologue part 1)

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Monologue continued, part 3. The conversation. 

#poem #life  

part 1

story (peom) 1


Transitory dimension, 2(poem) 


Master I beseech give me a glimpse of my land.

Thy eyes can’t bear propensities of men and their whinges

I fear, your bounded here, vacuous soul

Your bound’s transitory, but I will make you see, 

Good soul, is this what you need? 

You are definitely the Most High.


You prayed for this, this soul to connect

See, the ‘dark’ face, behind this masquerade

Now I cognise: The Almighty.

Why can’t people pensive?

Your everlasting eternal sovereignity.

This brethren, you lied, for: to your umblicus

Most Merciful, I yearn, thy refuge, I was vacuous.

My son, your left book is a blank paper

All Praise,  be on Thee, most Gracious

The Most Generous.


The mishap and tyranny,

The hypocrites being worshipped

And truthful being deceived.

Oh My dear, they Willed, against themselves, 

the will for all mortals are free

Still forgetting, thy shall returneth to Thee

For their peccadillos, We forgive

They persistent obstinately in wicked supreme

They turned on themselves,

Disbelieving the heralds We sent

They forgot, about their resurrection,

And their penalty still to be paid, 

A penitentiary for them is prepared

And their skin to be burnt in fire, Supreme. 

Pictures abhi bake h mere dost.

(The story continues).

Thanks for reading
Aquib Khan.

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Here I am. 

#life #poem. 

I took my pen to write, 

and wrote till my blood spur out, 

Only because I have a pen

Just a pen for a moor. 

Mightier than the sword

I transformed, get on my horse, 

Fought valiantly till my soul come out. 

Blood stained on my paper, 

Tell some tale in a crooked fragments, 

Life sadness and people are transient. 

Has a withering tenant. 

I saw an individual walking yesterday 

Lies in the earth sleeping today. 

Why do my friends waste tears? 

Your problems, sadness, I swear, 

Certain, is that,  it would wash away

Don’t be afraid, for loses, You share, 

I might bore the same. 

Come smile with me each day

I am a wanderer, bore not, the usual trend 

I write not for accolades

But to connect and make friends. 

Come along, 

Let’s climb the mountains, 

Swim the depth of the sea. 

Know that, what you knew not. 

Appreciate the wonders and Signs,  

Which is as calming  as smile.  

The sun swims and sets apparently, 

The moon tread so vehemently,  

The stars at night embellish 

Come dear sail, and relish. 

This is for appreciation for all my accompaniers, you all are my friends,  (I don’t know whether this words exist or not, because I don’t like the word, follow, followers)  keep smiling, and don’t sweat the small stuffs, you got any problems 


Main hoon na. 

Aquib Khan. 


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true love 

Transitory dimension 
betrayal song. 

Song on Love, true love. 

#poem #life

Standing among horde, 

      Watching others sipping the                  sauce. 

Gleaming and glowing yearning for thee, 

       My eyes searching, the horizon,        a glimse to see. 

Walking crushing the golden leaves 

       Along these passers by, 

Kept looking for you. 

       There is no sign I can find. 

Sat on the side of the aisle, 

       Where, the light of our love                 began.

Watching the same sun, I smile, 

      Witnessing the heart it shines. 

Timing the time, 

     Soothing my eyes 

From dusk to dawn, 

     Still, no sign I can find. 

My love where you stay? 

     Don’t believe you betray. 

The rose I hold. 

     Delicate petals fall away. 

Sun, leaving, as it setting, 

     Began to move, astounding 

Heard the voice, I chose to stay, 

   Said “oh, hey” 

This was the last meeting 

The rose withered with the time fleeting. 

For I believe “no true love, that exists” 

This world’s runs, runnels and runs  veins, 

With it flows the bane. 

Like the bird,  the nightangle

The rose of her blood, crimsoned in red. 

Got thrown away, on bed

Where the cart wheel ran away. 

The silver and gold triumph 

The bird’s rose bleed on the road. 

Aquib Khan. 

Love for me is like a butterfly, I just have to stand still, and it would come to me. 

Any thoughts, please comment, I would love that.

I hope you like this. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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betrayal song. 


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Monologue continued part 2. Transitory  dimension 


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, A transitory  dimension. 

Am I at the elisium? 

It seems so ethereal. 

“No my good soul” 

I hear a voice meekly… 

“it’s a stoppage, a tunnel” 

“Do you see a flowing runnel” 

“No”, I mumble. 

Why it’s white and serene? 

I yearn, am I asleep? 

Take me back please. 

“But you still shall return to thee” 

Shall I sneak or see. 


Muffled drums, oozing from the marching, 

Ebulition of emotion, myriad of seethe

How can I explicate? 

We shall meet again. 

Remember the apprentice of Qudamah,

Life is beyond, not a dilemma. 


“Take your opulence” 

“Oh frazzled soul, 

Don’t be a vacuous, 

Wait for the trumpet whistle” 





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Still left,

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A trip

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Aquib Khan.

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Song on betrayal. Why you leavin.?

#poem #life

For all those fakers who veils against the mask. 

You take your  back fast,  I don’t wanna smell your fart.

Hey My friend where; you heeding? 

Look, I stood for you, but now you are leaving. 

You knew me not, I am the stoic. 

I made and carved your way, 

So that you may not get stray. 

Yea, my friend why, you leavin. 

Seeing me, the other side, I gave you the aisle. 

You snatched all, from me,  but now you are leavin. 

You showed me your back, for you stepped on me, like a crab.. 

Like Julius’s friend you stabbed, 

You used to blew my flute. 

But now, why “et tu brute? ” 

for now I paid you my price . 

And counted till thrice, 

And showed what you were, stupid? 

Like a broken strings in Cupid’s



You got money, I got my integrity, 

You know, but people love me, 

Although I am not a celebrity.(Ahaha) 

You forget a poem we learnt in Sanskrit.

You got stiffed, yea, 

You ought to be broken by a slight whip. (Ahem) 

For a twig, astute. 

remains humble when it bears fruit. 

‘I,’, ‘me’ who you are, what you gonna be? 

For I believe in ‘we’. 

For I meddle with no one’ 

But with awl ‘ (ahem) (don’t meddle with me) 

You leavin’ 

I tell you must leave. 

For you lost your instinct. 

Hey dude, where you heeding.?

Remember ‘m’ 

Remember ‘e’ 

Remember both. 



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