A Mirrored etheree. GONE

In response to Nandita Yata’s latest post. Her write-ups ie her poems are an epitome of class. And she truly bleeds poetry.
Her blog is a sanctum for all beginner poets, like me,   foremost she is a humble and ever helping &  ever evolving. My best wishes  for  her.
Here is the link to her post.
Make sure to follow her.
will know how
it felt when you
turned your back on me
the sun that I once was
shone down on you brilliantly,
you loved having me on your cheeks
until you turned in search of night skies
leaving me bleeding with dusk in my veins
never knew the aftermath of my own tread
was breaking your heart into  pieces that
used to be glee, I dwell in ill
propensity, your eyes hint
at me the love and care
that dilated my
heart core, vows and
woes form a
 PS:the first part/etheree is written by Nandita and the mirrored one is my response. 

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

95 thoughts on “A Mirrored etheree. GONE

    1. Sorry your comments in landed in my spam… Thank for the blessing.. It was really fun and interesting to do that… And your help really was golden.. Wish to do more like these in future… Keep smiling


      1. Oh, I see. 👀👀👀👀..
        Ummm, Sahi waise bhi meroko koi itna phone ni karta… Same difference…..mujhe theek se yaad ni but last time shayad 1947 me call aayi thi, bose ji.. Bade ache aadme the bete pragya.

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      2. Hahahaha!😂😂😂
        Mujhe toh calls hi nahi aate. My call log is EMPTY. Lol.
        Hmm. Bose ji kaa call. Wow!
        Haan Aquib jee😂😂😂😂

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      3. Ab nahi karte. Haha. They gave up on me! 😂😂
        Haha haan please. Record karke bhejna 😋

        PS:- My Contact list is shorter than my Block list. Hahaha!

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