School, tuitions and now college in every walk of life I have or probably you too have met someone who discern with your thoughts dissolving arrays of thoughts into one.

One equation, one formula.

Is this, what is called a friendship?, yes.

I reminisce one friend whose name is aniket, each day my seat remained fixed among the crowds I sat with him. Shared tiffin so that we can have extra time having fun.

As days turned into nights and time rolled all into the parchment of memories;the stack, it seemed as though friends are not just friends.

Friends are different, friends are God sent entities other than the messengers and Prophets who speak nothing but what are revealed to them.

Trust me i dont have a lot of them, or I don’t ascribe to modern day prerogatives of friendship, I don’t text anyone saying.

“happy friendship day”,

Or a quote for the sake of this day. I feel its a thing of beauty to be cherished each day.

They know when they need me they will find me right in front of them. And certainly it’s mutual.

I have had fight in the past in school as some of you might know from few of my post that I have anger issues. And all the courage that I can rely my life upon comes from this bond.

I don’t wanna just limit it in just word, because it is maligned with the blot of hypocrisy and fakeness, is it not? Sure it is.

Will you call this as friendsship who once stood and said, “I am your friend”, and then stung you at your back.

Who can abandon you when you need them the most and leave you for the sake of their girlfriends, just because she said to leave you.

Yeah it is true, all of these are true in this day and age of competition, professionalism, patriachy, jingoism, politics and rat race of crabs a true friend is a thing of chance, where the probability of this lies tending to zero.

The scale on which the person’s integrity is measured is not understood, lies bleaked shadowed by the fickle nature and hypocrisy.

This was how the greatest friend of Ceasor, Brutus, which he praised him of to extreme, nailed his courage to ground, can Cassius and his commrades had the courage to face off with Ceasor, Nay! My dear friends, his sword ceased to sway and accepted the very first blow of his best friend Brutus,

Is this not a sign of the example from ceasor of true friendship?

And then he said the famous line

“It tu brute”, “You too Brutus”

And received all the blows, drenching the floor with the blood of a great soldier dying in the hands of Brutus.

These are all my raw, turbulent not streamlined thoughts I tried to penned down just now for you guys.

WordPress!! Aha, those who know me, I am utterly full of gratitude for their support I know, I don’t know you personally, but trust me your writing your words just get stuck in my brain, I know due to my college and stuffs I am much lacking behind , I apologize I for that since, WordPress, I have heard from all side it is all about mutualism and I reckon that to be perfectly fine and rational.

Well my dear lovely readers who encourage me, praise my shallow writes, and overwhelm me with their lovely praise and likes I owe you a thing that I dont know how to return back.

All I have is my good wishes, and I wish you great life full with happiness and success here and in hereafter.

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79 thoughts on “Friends.

  1. A lovely text but more. Thank you for your thoughts. Mutualism, I really love and agree that it is fine because there is connection and meaning and those are interpreted differently and sometimes mistakenly but among friends it is to say I appreciate you.

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    1. Yeah, that’s very true and it does depend on context and interpretation and it’s actually what I felt I missed to point out there, thanks for this Holly. Best wishes for you as always, I still remember your very first comment 😁😁, I and I really apologize to bother you for understanding comments algorithm, and I must really am still thankful to you for helping me out.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, happy friendship day , I mailed you,.. Lol.
      Don’t worry friends hain na bas. Milna hoga hi, wahi tum samjh lena ki friendship day tha, kyonki tum apne friends si mili. 🤓🤓


    1. 😁😁😁, well well, yeh gaaana yaad aagya, reminded me a song from aye dil hain mushkil “ dilo ki yaari me bhi kinta sukoon hain” 😁😁😁.
      Thanks for your encouraging words.

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    1. Day friendship happy, you also. 😁😂. Asha hain… Aap kushal mangal hogi, yaha par bhi kushal mangal hain. Lekin mangal keh raha mangal jana hain, mangal ko, Mangal yaan me. Lag raha ki vrihaspat na ho, kafi hasye pasdak hain mangal. Shakuni mama, ka prakop hai..

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  2. I’m sure you are a wonderful friend. You have courage, dignity, honesty and morals and these are the most treasured traits in a friend.
    And I agree, a mutual effort is required to sustain a friendship. There’s only so much you can give and not get back. That’s not a friendship, that’s being a fan. Such is life, it’s a continual learning process and us unpredictable friendships can be, they are one of the lights of our lives and bring so much joy. With the right communication, friendships may just work. Like anything good, we must work for it but the effort should feel natural. It’s such a messy business, but most things are in life aren’t they?

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    1. Yeah true and very well put forward by you Sophia, you are so correct here.
      Well I reckon that the bond that nurtures friendship is quite unique I don’t think that unique bond requires any external efforts it is just and outcome of spontaneity.

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  3. I really agree with what you wrote. Friendship is not what it has become today. I have very few friends and not a single really close friend with whom I can feel completely myself.

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