Wandering in the sky. 

 Wandering in the sky, along with soul full winds and

Like  the falcon I flew scathing in the beautiful sky that spreads down the horizon. 

Where the sun sets in the orange sky. 
I left behind the tyranny that worlds have. 
I cannot fathom the atrocities done. 


 The desert that spreads across the terrain, 

Those sand i clenched in my fist, 

Leached down swayed by the wind, 

Those abandoned love I see subliming in the sea. 

I laughed with my tears down my cheeks 

Love; a wistful wist. 



In the battle of life those who win, outshine, 

Forgetting  those unsung hero

Whose life withered to vanish away

Fighting for the rights and were plummeted supreme.

The winds still echo their tales and fables,

Lies in the pages ignored, but that only turned which were ignobly vacuous.


 Vague Outrageousness will be in fashion till the last of the last time, 

But will negatively evolve even in the veins, 

Flowing down to the farthest of the brain. 

Saved were only those few who walked down the straight path and severed to death. 

Like Prophet  Sulaiman(pbuh),  and thinker Eucarates… 

Those who stood for the rights even for their life were at stakes. 

Now only their history remain…



Those stars you see I must returneth to the maker of these, 

For now i dont have any material to give, 

I am nothing but a flying falcon, 

You cannot see me ’cause i am

somewhere in the vast sky,

Into an oblivion where the people walked with cheerful smiles.

Where the world’s saw no divide.




Absorbed all the taints felling on me,

Filled by cold of brumal waves,

Till the nasty sharpnel reached my heart, 

Burst me into pieces… 

Wandering in the sky. 

(i am too amazed by the details in the sketch she had put in. Readers please follow her. I have told her she could be a millionaire and giving interviews,’ the kid who is a millionaire’  ) 

 Pic credit : i am speechless with the the talent of one of the bloggers who is  perfect in almost anything she ventures out.  Her fictions, stories and poems are worth reading. I am totally short of words to explain her drawing skills. And wish her luck for her boards in 2019.

Follow her blog. 

Debadrita Das

!ns¡ght 2017


©All rights reserved. 


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the unsung poet..

83 thoughts on “Wandering in the sky. 

    1. Thanks Rita for appreciating it.. You are inspiring and great, honestly and humble too.. So yeah, it was actually my pleasure to post it… Keep writing and sketching… May God bless you with success here and in hereafter.

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