Reblog: smile

Another  collaboration with an awesome kind hearted blogger Nandita Gupta from Peotic periscope please do visit and follow her for more such contents. 

Swiftly walking through,

The alley of my lively childhood.

I wore that 
white anorak,

Of my smile,

As an apprel of my soul.

I then,  embarked on sledge,

Of youth,

with it’s might unknown.

Adorned with my 
white anorak,

Dazzling as a precious 
white stone.

But then the slippery ice-white as my smile,

but of pseudo incarnation; made situations

And led me on a path,

perilous  and unknown.

Then a light you yearned,

via Smile…

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

30 thoughts on “Reblog: smile

    1. Main bhi toh fan hoon apke Shaiyeri Balki A. C samjh lijiye 😋😋😋, halanki tumahre zyda achi hain.. Koi baat nahi… Aur bahut deep bhi… Lagta hain aapka dil ke andar bahut hi gehrai hain… Aaye aap India kabhi… Tehalte tahelte.. Lol

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