Attention “please”  readers… Happy new year. 

So, yesterday my mind totally bogged out. it became sour curd, believe me,because of thermo nuclear war that was going in my comments yesterday!!!

(So this post is now born. ), epicness level peaked.

Just some thoughts:

1. Wp is a blogging platform where people share thoughts, their skills like photography, paintings, thoughts etc.

a.) it’s not facebook or any such social platform. Some people get too personal and create mess, it’s not chatting platform to bent on chatting upto “infinity and beyond”.

b.) there may be differences of opinions but does not mean you have to bad mouth other person.

Please respect the privacy and decorum.

I know and have a lot of friends here on wp, I have been blogging for about 1 year. They all are humble, kind hearted and encouraging. (lucky me to have them around me) Thanks God.!!
Those people who harass. They like literally harass, guys!! and spreads negativity and what not. For those I don’t give a shit, Not even a shit!!. no use of it to become cocky here. Bam, you will be neglected and ignored. Finish!!!

It’s not a mortal combat game where if you don’t fight you will lose your life. Be simple and articulate.

So, I will request don’t discuss or response to such nasty people(typo warriors) . There are lot of good poeple here follow them, or engage with them through comments with good intentions. (like engage , I don’t mean get “engaged”.) Please don’t encroach anyones privacy, “nahi to Nagar palika bulana padega”, “nagar palika ka ko bulayo *****”)

Always remember excess of anything is bad.

All my fellow readers and bloggers,Don’t sweat the small stuffs sweat it for bigger.

Peace and prosperity for all for the the upcoming new year.

Happy blogging!!!!Happy new year!!!!. But I am sad because new year is coming.

I don’t want to leave 2017. It’s actually sad guys if you think. ☹️☹️☹️☹️.

(Who have taken these pics of these cats..? Really epic. 21(green day!!!one, twenty one guns, wow you sing nice Haan, keep singing, one twenty one guns…. ) guns salute!! )

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67 thoughts on “Attention “please”  readers… Happy new year. 

  1. Lol…Ur it became curd but mine from curd it turned to lassi😝😆
    Really…Wp is a platform to share views and thought there is no need to fight over it or say abusive words to anyone….Good message you shared.👍🙂🙂

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  2. 😂😂😂 Man how did I miss the second meme from Billi! Still laughing. I had absolutely no idea WP could also turn into a war zone like that of FB especially when you read FB comments on political, feminist or popular news. Your efforts to diffuse the tension with the current post was right on point. Haha! Happy New Year!😁😄

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    1. yeah, that’s so nerve- racking that it can be fatal at times. People who have high blood pressure, I suggest not to get involve into it.
      Happy new year to you too, I appreciate you taking your time out and Commenting.
      Wish you luck and happiness for the upcoming year.

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  3. Lol! That sudden thing, sab kuch itna serious tha aur “nahi toh Nagar Palika Ko bulana padega” 😂😂 Okay, silly tha, but I still cracked up!😂

    And the last billi meme, girls and Instagram! Lol! Though I know how it feels when you can’t cook and you boil water 😛😂

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    1. Hey, now with the advancement of science and technology, electric heater, or “bijli se paani garam karni wala jug, mug” is invented, you know.. I use them.. Pretty easy.. I know I dont cook., but hey don’t challenge me I can cook. 😂😂

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    1. Oh, I am glad. Actually I saw your post in my feed. You seemed very fed up with these,! Well, ignore them. And keep going. ☺️. Wish you luck and happiness for the upcoming year.


    2. I read it as well, MVS.
      It’s funny that all of us are going through the same thing, almost, at once. Just spoiling the end of the year. I hope you are fine now!

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      1. Hey, M VS sorry to interrupt there are good people too and they cherish your writing and honestly for me i Learn a lot through your awesome poetry. Don’t delete for them they are just, I dunno… But you keep going with it, and ignore all “ajeeb log” and hey c’mon you have got better adjectives since you are a mistress of words..

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      2. Aquib said just what I wanted to say! Please don’t think of it.
        This side, I just had a frustrating experience though it was slightly better than the ones the two of you had. So it was a little easier for me to just see the positives, and continue being here for them.

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  4. Aquib, i honestly don’t understand the meaning of those memes but can you please tell me what is “bc”? I often see this at the end of a sentence in memes especially indian ones, which kinda makes me curious…

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    1. “bc” actually is abbreviated form of a Indian slang words that means that cat or billi in hindi is utterly fed up, bc stands for bakch*d, *=o.
      I suggest to you should at least learn spoken hindi for these memes… They are so hilarious their English translation would be so dull and lose that aura…. So, hey start watching some Bollywood movies with English subtitles… You can start with Phir hera pheri its a prequel of hera pheri, where akshay kumar is in a lead role… You won’t regret watching it.

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      1. Thanks man, well do watch bollywood movies sometimes, i understand them thanks to subtitles of course, i’ve only learned very few basic words…you guys make the funniest movies to be honest…

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  5. Aaah what?? There are trolls in the comments bringing people down? I’ve not seen it but definitely on the side of not to pay any mind to them. Hope it subsides! +1 for use of grumpy cat memes!!

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    1. Yeah!!! Quite a leech type they are. Agreed they do not hold any importance.
      Thanks for wishes.
      These bc cat memes are damn funny wish you can understand hindi.. Keep smiling.


  6. Normally I don’t comment on drama, but I recently read one written by a person who had opened a fake blog for the pure purpose of deriding and lecturing a fine poet that I have followed for years. It is this kind of drama that is being “spread” about the forum by a specific group of bloggers that is harmful to this community of gifted writers , poets, artists, etc. Some posts are intended to seek revenge for having been wronged in some way. This is not the place for that.

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    1. Yes, Holly,, it actually happened with one of I know for a long , who is a very nice person. We should stand together and report against it.
      Thanks for commenting Holly this is very enlightening.
      Wish you luck and happiness for the upcoming year.


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