Three days, quotes Challenge.

Never get yourself let down by other people calling you ‘names’ and pointing fingers at you.

Giving up is the act of losers but to  keep on with the spirit that let you say, “I will do it, no matter what” is what a winner do.

Failures are part of your strides if you tried it without thinking about the outcome, you have already won it.

Remember no matter what  your efforts and  your struggles will make you there at your destined spot along with peace and contentment.

never stop dreaming, never give up. JUST GIVE IN.

(SO yeah guys most of my ‘writes’ just pop up, I guess it must be the case with you all too. Most of or nearly all of my poems are spontaneous and with some editing afterwards.

Lately I lost 3  poems from my notes app 😣😣😣😥😥, because I haven’t synced my data and formatted the phone without backing it up. I rely on syncing most of the don’t even ask why I generally wipe/format my phone so often?)

Now here we go with more quotes.

“Don’t flak and cry over spilled milk.” 

“Let  bygones be bygones.” 

“don’t sweat the small stuffs.” 

“Don’t stoop too low to talk to crabs” .

“You know you are famous when people talk behind your back.” 

“Shitty poeple always spit out shits don’t give the damn shit to them because you are not shitty.” 

“There are always people who will publize immorality, beware before the blue screen of death appears” .


(“blue screen of death ” is related to windows computer when a malware or a bug fatally affects the system, ie the system get corrupted ).



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31 thoughts on “Three days, quotes Challenge.

  1. Love this post and those quotes are awesome, I’d say iconic!! I love the “You know you’re famous when people are talking behind your back!” 😂😂. Your mind is brilliant my friend as well as positive. Keep up this challenge cause your quotes are on point!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Why laughing you?.. One of my teacher says like that, like this, see
      I talk you talk, why you in middle middle.
      And one epic one.
      “give me a red pen of any colour”. 😀😀


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