A Tiny Token of Gratitude

I am really honored to be her friend. She is someone who impacted my life in a very positive way out of the blue(I thank God for it).
A very kind person. May God protect her and guide her to happiness and success here and in hereafter ameen. This is not tiny its huge appreciation from her side.


I am not good at expressing myself. Maybe that’s the reason I write. I never developed the habit of sharing my thoughts. Maybe I didn’t have true friends or I was/am designed this way. I guess I’ll never know. So when my thought sharing door was completely closed, I embraced two ways,

One-Sobbing Alone-I know God hears these sobs and hell yeah it works-it’s magic!

Two-Writing-I’d be lying if I say it doesn’t soothe me! But I say this with honesty and a heavy heart that my writing only expresses a small percentage of myself. The other portion keeps on burying itself somewhere deep inside of me.

I’ve been writing since I was little. It always comforted my nerves. Had I known sharing my writing would pacify me even more, I would have shared it a long time ago but I never did that. I was too scared. I don’t…

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22 thoughts on “A Tiny Token of Gratitude

  1. Like you I have been writing since a child, a diary every night. We cry alone but then we are never really alone are we, when we know that God is there for us. I found a new World on here I found Friends. I can express myself my true self in all my writing, keep writing keep being honest, then we are never alone. Take care.

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