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      1. Oh My God, I should have asked rather, what’s this abbreviation stands for? 🤓
        OK wait, ESP, (advanced chaan been mode on.).
        But haha, pardon me for this. You writing is just awesome, straight away fabulous.


    1. Thanks Novus jee, I really am proud that you actually remembered all that what I taught you of the Hindi words and what it actually meant or signifies. 😉


    1. Thanks Adithya,
      Really I am getting worried, I really cannot logically conclude that how can it got published.
      Well I hope my site is not hacked.
      Are someone named aditya, with h after d behind it?

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    1. Thanks a lot bookandbakes, ever since I started it really amazes how do you guys finish reading books so quickly. Kudos to all book bloggers. 👍👍👍


      1. Aaeedah, actually must thank you for actually helping me a lot, of whatever I wrote good, a greater portion of that goodness was enriched by your remarks and supervision.

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      2. OMG, you truly are a kind and humble being.
        Though I joined you much later in your astonishing journey, I loved that you appreciated my limited presence on this platform. 🤗💐

        Thank you for bringing me back on this platform. I absolutely love being here, reading and commenting on your gems.


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