Lost my smile

My star asundered,
That provided me the guiding light,
My hands trembled at this sight,
With Each swaps of puckered dreams.
I lost my own smile.


The anchor that harboured my sorrows,
The garment lay tattered that hid my scars,
In my banished land ;the thatched hut scavenged,
Tell me the reason, oh noble hearts!
That bring forth my smile.


The land, my kith and kin, my brothers,
The trees that stood on the lands,
Why lie battered lonesome?
Gone astrayed with the order grim.
How then I smile in the fire burning?


Tell me not of scathed love,
It’s long gone ;scavenged,
As time progressed during the day.
The hearts, oh human,
Be not leaching leeches.
I am the soul that wears nature,
Not made of plastic and cellophane.
But veritable elixir that absorbed taints
In exchange of the smiles.


Will not wait for new days,
Doth my eyes will not see,
As my heart progress the end of mine,
The pleasure I once conspired
Beguiled and was a supernova.
What left then was the nebula,
Lied in the bereft voids.
lost the charms and spells
With that smiles blew away.


Why then flak me to smile?
Sure it is lost with time,
My heart, hearken me dear!
Hath plunged into dried tears.
My stoic heart would remain earthed,
Reticent, un-deciphired.

Yearn no reason to cheer,
This world a cage of callous hospitality.
Where I found no reason to smile.

Images :phy. Org, nasa.

©Copyright reserved. !ns¡ght 2018.


Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

49 thoughts on “Lost my smile

    1. 😁😁,
      I recently attended a funeral ceremony and few things in the surrounding that get caught up, that’s what come out.. You know. 😁.
      btw you can send me chocolates anytime. 😜LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Helllo, my dear sis, nothing wrong Alhamdulillah, it’s just for the sake of the poem.
      It actually born due to the perception of here and there. Aha don’t worry.
      Keep smiling dear.. 😁😁.
      We Gucci.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Love how you bring the emotion Aquib and writing with the heart no matter what, always loved that about your poetry. The flow, words and emotion. Just know it can’t rain forever my friend and light can be found in all dimness, I know you know that. Wonderful write my friend.🌹🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This poem has a bit different tone.
      There is a difference between a child smile and of the adult.
      As we grow grey i think the world changes.
      Sure there is happiness solace in nature atleast, in beautiful company.
      Thanks praMegha for appreciating it. Much love and peace.


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