Are we lost? Part 2.

Remember the Hiqmat the Quran have?

Quran, the Glorious one revealed to the Greatest Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Why do we not ponder? its a message for us, for our won good?

We do we ignore the works of Ibn Katheer (May Allah be pleased with him) ?

We can read the whole series of Harry Potter, and plethora of novels, books and what not?

Sadly, The Most miraculous Book Quran, for which the intensity of this Book could have crumbled Mountains and left into asunder these plains.

It lies in the shelves covered with dust.

Leave aside any book on Hadith.

This book when revealed on the night becomes the night of decree LaiLatul Qadr, the most beloved night , the month becomes the Most beautiful one and the Prophet Muhammad pbuh becomes the greatest Prophet pbuh.

The Rehmatallilalameen. Mercy to not only this world but worlds.

Prophet of not only man but jinns etc. (Read Darood shareef, I hope you all know)

We can blast filthy music, satanic one, its on record people like Miley cirus, beyonce, Bob Dylon have confessed themselves on records that they are Satanist and sold their soul in exchange of fame mone to the devil . Actually they damned themsleves because the soul belongs to Allah.

They also went to say their music was actually taught or manifested to them by the devil themselves. And we listen to these vibration on and on and on. Making out nerves accustomed to it.

How foolish they have become?

Their Subliminal messages are fed upon by teenagers.

They are all preparing for the One eyed beast the dajjal to come.

Most of the prophecies of Muhammad pbuh are into manifestation.

But we Muslim are too busy.

We don’t have time, For As salah, for Jikr and askaar.

Allah is most Merciful he will forgive!! Sure He is. But the path other than the straight one will destroy the soul leading to Jahannam.

In surah Qaaf the Jahnnami will shout that its The devil who coaxed them but the devil too will say “Ya Allah they damned themselves, ignoring the message I only whispered”.

We cannot give up music, Allah said five times in Quran its Haram, Nabi saw said those who listen to it will be like Monkeys and pigs.

It’s so true, don’t we see how lewd like pigs they are and like monkeys exposing their hips their lowers drooping so low, their behaviour are like them.

What for are we depressed and blame Allah whilst we ignore The warnings of Allah and his Last and final Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

What are we taking from this duniya? IPhone??

Music?, Girlfriend and boyfriend, these haram relationships?

May Allah protect us from the Attraction of duniya?

May Allah guide us give us the hidayat.


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10 thoughts on “Are we lost? Part 2.

  1. Bless you for your concern of the umma! Do not trouble our weigh yourself heavy too much on what other people choose. Be the best Aquib you can be. Bless you for speaking about these things which will be helpful to readers, namely me and I assume others too! I agree with you about the power of the Quran. I am not joking one bit when I say, I literally cry when I read it. Literal actual tears. I read it aloud sometimes and my voice quakes and I am so grateful for the promises of Allah and the awesomeness that we were blessed to all be a part of! I obviously have an English translation of the Quran but even still I cry at the English. When I hear the Arabic? I’m a ball of mush, crying even harder. haha. Though I know only just a little Arabic. My Quran is I think about 400 pages and I am about 2 or 300 in. I think I am on surrah 22 now. I am reading it slowly so I can bring questions to my class at the masjid and also because so I can appreciate each part and not rush. I cherish it so much. So, my point is, I am on your page with my reverence of this and of Allah. Thank you so much for your post.

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    1. MashaAllah I am amazed by your Efforts dear sister. And really thanks for the advice and I it’s copied by me, I am too like you Rachel learning slowly. I am sure MashaAllah your wisdom outweighs mine and you can correct me dear sister.
      JazakAllah khair.
      How is your urdu going?
      Kya haal hain Rachel ???

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