Lost in finding niche.

Lost in finding niche,
A world where words fly
poetry sleeps by my side,
And fire burns not to ashes,
But ignite new spirits.

Lost in finding niche,
Where honor runs in blood,
And praise no cryptic blues,
Where no wolves sleep
Disguised among sheep.

Lost in finding niche,
In the world of the zombies,
Following filth, eating debris
Running black tar, espousing
Sunken grim and din.

Lost in finding niche,
Yellowing pages yelling,
Dying in corner of grief,
a numbed mind, dying.
Homing void verses.

Lost in finding niche,
As my blank verses die,
In the fondue of darkness,
I yearn for immortal chalice.
Tell me where can i find?


Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

7 thoughts on “Lost in finding niche.

  1. It seems so difficult to find such world in this time. So much anarchy is already prevailing, what more will happen in coming times… it’s depressing. May Allah guide us and protect us from evil deeds and desires.


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