Wistful valour.

Seeing those skyscrapers
Of broken hopes and blues.
The shushed and stacked periwinkle,
Dying in the amber of nefarious charades.

Come break those craven chains,
And grotesque marks of lewd gossamer,
Detonate all those bricks thrown,
These pseudo hall of shame.

Come out from pungent ramparts,
Realise recoup reticent ramifications,
Adroitly tread and drink sip of coffee
To brim inhale caffeine into your body.

Energize enervating expectations
Renounce repudiating rigmarole records,
Come to shore from abysmal dork
And inhale the rays of rising star.

Like the coveted winds you flow,
like calm water be relentless,
be sublime like vaporizing iodine
And subtle like diamond shining.

Be you who you are among chaos,
In the aftermath of choking sham,
In the darkness of the mighty ferals,
Swim across it, don’t submit the sword.


Copyright reserved.

Don’t copy.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

9 thoughts on “Wistful valour.

  1. “The shushed and stacked periwinkle”

    Professor this line says so much. Really applauded. As much as I remember, last time too I singled out this one line.

    And apart from this, the whole poem is magnificent. You are the best poet Mashallah. I can see the next generations busy in analysing your lines (Āmīn) 🙃


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