This wind breezing tales of anamosity,

Permutations of signs, serenading,

The world around telling

We are meant to be together, forever.

This wall of uncertainty between us,

Rusted our ferrum love,

Glad we held our hands

Clasped between them an amorphous enigma.

A pure feeling of Endearment

Bouquets of blessings we received

Of God that we admired

And our will remained submitted to him.

The consciousness we shared

Vibrant in phase immaculate

Its the peace and tranquility harmonized,

Oscillating enmeshed candor.

Sure then, as death do us apart,

our spontaneaty remains,

Aloof from bogged ferals.

That spreads the lecherous tar.


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© Copyright reserved 2017.


Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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