Dunno what to say?

Why am I so numb today?

Was that you left me?

And you pledged that your return

Will never be seen in passing days.

Sanguine chats under the moonlight,

My eyes sparkled each time I saw you

The stardust and gush of amorous aurum,

How can it lay Rusted, lifeless?


Those  moments are still alive,

Your smile and coaxing hues,

Created a pliant of the honest love.

Was it never quintessential?

But  my heart ached,  jostling me.


I wished I stayed away,

And never would have

fell in the cobweb of this

This obfuscating love;

An intricate serenade of heart.



Now you return whilst high tide 

Where my heart is void of empty love.

Our togetherness sojourns in empty space.

Now your palatable heart,

Produce no exhilaration,

Though Your sky  have many stars,

But mine cannot shine there.



You let go my love,

 move on with this,

You will be better without my shadow.

Your sunshine is in the east,

And I am  the west.

Somewhere in the sea,

We probably can meet, 

and I will bid you 

‘Adieu, adieu.’ 

Again I will say




I said that  what my heart felt. 

Still, Why am I so numb today?

Was that you left me?

And I pledged that my return

Shall not  be seen in any day??? 

Love is neither a  victory nor a loss 

It’s there only when we seek no  return.

©Copyright reserved. 2018 !ns¡ght. 

Aquib khan. 

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

125 thoughts on “Love. 

  1. “Sanguine chats under the moonlight,

    My eyes sparkled each time I saw you

    The stardust and gush of amorous aurum,

    How can it lay Rusted, lifeless?”

    These lines are mesmerising. Words indeed create magic.

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  2. Sanguine chats under the moonlight,
    My eyes sparkled each time I saw you
    what lines..! ❤ one of your best . aapke words par Allah ki barkat hai 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

      1. how can i unfollow you..! 😛 Not great though but thank you .. ! and i really love your poetry so how can i miss them. 🙂 and your bad jokes too 😛 😀

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      2. Gao gao, dil jo toot gya hian tumhara, 😀… Well on the serious note (that note does not exist btw) remember pizza deal… I don’t forget all important stuffs you know.

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  3. It was so beautiful Aquib but sad at the same time but then the subject of this magically woven poetry kind of is self explanatory for that. I think I have followed your blog recently and have not been active myself so missed a ton. Looking forward to your posts now. Happy writing ☺️

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hey, thanks I have become less active myself. So, I apologize if I haven’t been up to date with your blog. Thank you for being kind and for the encouragement, this means a lot. Keep smiling and stay blessed.

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      1. It’s ok.. That was so funny.. I will not try to cut my teeth, I would rather cut someone else with my sharp teeth, just let me see the full moon, I am waiting for it.
        . 🤣🤣🤣

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      2. What if I say I am your friendly neighborhood?… Well, I won’t ascertain this. 😉😉. I feel the same for you wonderful person, blogger, poet and cool and certainly witty 🤣🤣.

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  4. Fabulous post from a man who only saw one side of life ….🌟😊🙏👍 Me ! Until l became a fellow blogger l never knew of poetry, art or prose not for Me ! But it was not Me ! Who took away these things but family who l tried to look up to as elders but it was Me ! Who was the elder l was just 6-years of age and full of love …Saw books on the shelf in volumes of authors l now know as great writers …But not for Me ! To read or learn about just to be dusted, arranged and kept neat …Why Me ! I asked as l prayed to find answers to questions in my ❤️ But l now know l was not ready until Now even when at 14-years of age l prayed for someone to love Me ! For Me ! As someone once said You cannot know love unless you feel loved …For Me ! It took until my family had gone to begin to know what love is …. For Me ! It’s a feeling an understanding of others pain and knowledge beyond gain …My ! 🙏 Was answered and now l can gain the feeling of love and no longer of pain ….Ian

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    1. This wonderful collection comment describing love, loss pain, endurance, and formost patience is just a gem. Thanks for sharing this Ian. I appreciate it a lot. Keep blogging and sharing your wisdoms to the world.

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      1. Thanks so much l feel humbled … You inspire through your writing ….That helps me to impart to certain people who like you understand the fact l…. It then helps and inspires me to share more of myself …. I was very good at hiding my feelings but that was so l would not get hurt again by wearing my ❤️ on my sleeve …A giver l be …A receiver lm not and love is the watchword of Me! Told very few people this but some posts l publish are connected to Me! But others are connected to You My Readers

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