Been witnessing dark cloud hovering over me from quite a long time.
I was disillusioned that what I saw were overpowering darkness , product of dark.
Hearsay lingered over that light existed but they were uncanny artificial light in the dork of night.
That kept blinding the eyes.
the remorse, the plight the pitying words, the sorrows
And their synonyms all lying as
Cheese cakes that melt in the mouth.
What for we lay awake in the dark
And asleep in the light?
Why then blame the stars?
And lie floundering in the
Sea of confusions.
Dear, the cage that bonds, the noose we stepped on.
The straight path we ignored.
And lay in pseudo light of ignorance.
Why then blame the shadow of darkness?

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Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

73 thoughts on “Darkness.

      1. Actually there is and very ancient form of this type of amalgamation. Which had been used as far as I know it was “the thing of beauty there” and date back to people in arabian peninsula where there were lack of resources besides sand which was of no use except it helped in making pop corns, 😁, but theere the language was Revered and poets were highly honoured, so much so that they so they conversed in poetry.

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  1. The straight path we ignored. I have been thinking about this. There is a straight path … we have been given it from Allah (SWT) , it is our main concern. This is a lovely and gentle reminder. Very well penned, Aquib. Keeping you in my duas, hope you are well and if not, may Allah (SWT) grant you ease and comfort.

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    1. Thanks for the dua I really need it, my exams are on the way and my focus is bewildered nowadays, 😁😁.
      Yeah, I keep hearing “I did ‘that’ and ‘ this’, ‘regrets'”, it’s so simple yet we choose to ignore it, “the guidelines of the Creator of this universe” . May Allah swt guide us and grant you utmost happiness and peace and success everywhere.

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  2. We need to accept ourself the way we are. Self love and self acceptance is crucial. Stop blaming external factors for one’s happiness ..
    Why blame the stars?
    Why blame darkness?
    Amazing. Loved it

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    1. Couldnt agree more. You are absolutely correct.
      I was going through the same thought process while writing this,
      why being so narcissist and play blame games?
      Having patience and perseverance is what makes a difference.
      Thanks for adding value to this post. Have a blessed day ahead. Peace.

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