Patna Jila. #Bihar.

Some of you might know i hail from state known for its “Bhai chara gi”.

Because there is no dearth of “Bhais” and “chara”.

Cows are such a funny animal trust me. Sometimes i wink at them and their male counterparts look at me grinning and mooing. *baaawwww*.

That’s a state where lalu jee *dhat burbak* stays he is in himself a stand-up comedian and his roast are awesome. *Theek hain*.

I am compelled to share One lalu joke (you have to bear, I dunno) , without that it would be catastrophic to my post , without this it would not be justified.

So Fasten your seat belt. (the joke is about to take off)

Lalu jee once went to America to learn English from obama, he being his teacher.

One month later.

Lalu’s phone rings.

Lalu : who ijj aspeeking?

Obama: Arey sassura hamra nahi pehchanle, hum obama bol raha ho.

(it is very difficult to translate the joke to English because the humour lies in the accent or dialect).

So my dear readers now you a know that I am a “bihari babu” *thik hain*.

(lassi wassi pijiega kia? Sharmayega nahi).

And there are a lot of stereotypes that wail across some states. Well i was born in patna the capital city of Bihar and things are quite akin to metropolitan cities of India.

Bihar and mathematics are linked and if a bihari is not good at maths then it’s a grave matter of concern , esp for ‘He’, if that’s so then he gets enrolled in the hall of shame and the inundated insults and pervicacious looks just daunt him to the extent that his heart just fears to beat . You ought to be good at maths anyhow otherwise dying at parents tirades is not an option. it’s like “Do or Just DO” .

Bihari and IAS TOO (one of the most difficult exams in India) they are synonymous, I can say that. The only state to produce most ias candidate across the country.

If you ask me the parents here are stricter than it may be in some other state. In my case I got my smart phone after my twelfth boards. I used to get so embarrassed when I was asked about my number or which phone I possessed and on one occasion surprisingly a beautiful girl (Her name was Jyoti, she is still alive though ) wanted my number I broke my repression and gave my mom’s number writing on a piece of a paper, I felt as though i had unlocked some achievement or what, it was euphoric for me *I was so awkward in my high school, I guess*and suddenly I realized I was garlanding some respect from other dude*my collar grew up*.

I was really a shy, timid guy in my class although enthusiastic and competitive when it came to giving answers to a question be it in physics or chemistry. I didn’t know if I was the topic of discussion among girls. I still don’t know though (it’s all my speculations/hypothesis , I don’t think so) .

Ok then i feared what if she actually called my mom. That would be like an explosion.

(I was in a bio section, though maths was my main subject and hailing from a boys only school, I felt as though i was stuck up among demeantors*i was timid, girls were actually cool in my class, I used to feel that way, my bad, I guess i was just obnoxious or whatever, I am feeling so embarrassed now sharing these *contrary to my former pseudo believes that I carried prior to joining my section which was like “Oh hey girls”! )

Hey girls

and if my mom received her call then it might turn up in a bit of worrisome condition. (ok will continue this later).

Hey readers will continue this later InshaAllah.

Good night, feeling damn sleepy.

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