Back to New Delhi .

Back to my same asylum in new Delhi. This time my mom urged to accompany me until i get my hostel. #Jugaad lagana hoga.

When I stepped in usual DELHI’s CNG auto rickshaw* being the hot dude i am* (Okay, I am being hyperbolic) , this time totally regretted being sassy when my Mum said, “Beta sleeveless sweater andar pehan le” (son, wear your sleeveless sweater inside “.), my nonchalance denial to it paid off, when I felt the chill down my spine. i got my practical thermodynamic lessons right there ie heat loss, specific heat latent heat and all that.

kulfi jam raha tha Boss mera.

(Maa ki kehna hamesha maano, sabak Yaad Aa gya.)

As usual Mother’s are always there to the rescue, I took shelter in her warm shawl.

My mother is pious MashaAllah, she is a Haji too and her dua gets accepted almost immediately Alhamdulillah.

She used to teach Arthshastra in college , hindi being her language of study throughout.

The myth about being fluent in English equates to being educated is clearly bogus.

Education comes through seeking knowledge and English being imposed and being exemplified as an epitome of literacy is a pseudo state of esp in elite society.

(beta, shake hand with pan wale uncle, beta come here to Mommy, beta you had this 10,000 Nike shoes na, Acha we will buy may be i am forgetting, looking to everyone around her making sure everybody hears that )

(You know, what i am saying).

If one boast about being fluent in Arabic or sanskrit or Hindi or urdu can be accepted as a sense of achievement in contrast to English.

Nonetheless English is a fairly easy language compared to the primordial ones. Nothing so special to take pride of.

You know why i stated this because it is being conflated as being educated to the extent of pure ignorance.

Sometimes i feel non speaking English men are more cultured and mannered as compared to ultra-educated English speaking elite.

Generally we Indians are good in adopting the negative of all

How many of you guys love the vibe and the gutsy conundrum of the train and the rush to be first, to be first in everything. Its no more than a Kabbaddi game if you ever had traveled to a train.

(girls do try this at home, chances are highly likely of some molestation of sexual nature)

* Don’t worry guys i am also a rich-kid, you know, MashaAllah. Please do pray for me, ( ki Acha rizq mile aur achi Ardhangani mile. I do remember you my exclusive readers in my prayers. JazakAllah khair). * (trying to be humorous here, haha never mind).

My train came to platform number one.

So, I know some of you readers are not indian, I bet you will definitely find the Indian railway’s announcement intimidating, if you happened to visit Indian railway station.

If it’s some person announcing then only a real hardcore Indian can able to understand that alien language.

In the loud speaker, it sound like this.

“zighalaa ho ho, bam bam wa kichu wa kichu bam bam”

The lonesome confused girl standing adjacent to me asked me nonchalantly, “what was the announcement about?”

(bhaiya kya thi announcement)

“Emu is going to be late.”, replied as some riposte.

“yeah that’s it”.

Patna railway Junction

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28 thoughts on “Back to New Delhi .

  1. “Allahumma innee asaluka Ilman nafian wa rizqan tayyiban wa amalan mutaqabbalan.” I don’t know the dua for good ardhangini or I would have said that too. May Allah bless you in this world and hereafter.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, afterall it is written by the king of humour. I fear, if I will ever try my hand at humour, the whole wordpress community will abandon me.


  2. Train ki yaad dila di sir aapne toh😄.Its been 6 yrs now I have been in a train😕
    Aur woh loudspeaker wala sound kya sahi likha hain🤣

    But here I was most happy to read about your Ammijaan❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm, Watan aayye kabhi. Mitti di khushboo. You know.
      Yeah mumbling voice wala announcement itti background awaz hoti pehle hi ki, agar 11 mulko ki police bhi na samajh paye.


  3. Masha’Allah, your mum has completed Hajj, May Allah (SWT) grant her Jannah, Ameen. And yes, like NL said, mothers know best. The train station looks a lot like Liverpool Street station and kings cross. And I agree, English isn’t that hard to learn compared to other languages, I do find Arabic to be the hardest to learn, the process is very formulaic, like an algebra equation.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dekhiye hume Baar Baar purane posts padhne padhte Hai, Kuch likhte Nahi aaj kal? Exams shuru ho gae kya professor.
    Hamari Ammi ka khyal rakhiyega. Aur ab andar se “sleeveless sweater” pehan Kar rahiyega. (Hamara Ulta wala emoji Yaha imagine Kar lijiye)


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