The Salah

Aslamalaikum. All glory belongs to Allah the Sustainer the Raziq, the Creator of Heavens and the earths in Six Ayyam (a long period, or epoch) .

And peace, blessings and salutations to the last and final messenger Muhammad pbuh. To him (pbuh) was revealed the Glorious Quran, the Furqan to judge between the right from the wrongs.

It is my utmost pleasure to pen this down more so because I was amazed by the sincerity of one of my readers who recently took the Shahada, in December though I am not recalling the exact date.

Yep, it was on 13th December 2018. Thanks for reminding me Muntazir.


All glory to the Creator the Gafoor, indeed to whom He guides none can misguide, it is He who changes heart.

May Allah accept from me the feeble Ibadaat too.

Also pray to guard us from the Hypocrisy and the Hypocrites ie munafiq and Fahshah and Munkar.

Nabi ﷺimplied that even if we even know that “God is one” it is obligitory to us to let ignorants be acquainted with atleast.

Ie Dawa and Tabhleegh are an obligation upon believers.

Imagine if your friend complained to The Jabbar on the day of judgment (one of the attributes of Allah) that his/her close friend(Muslim) remained muted when it came to the religion of Allah and he/she concealed and shadowed his/her friend from the divine messages.

Ie atleast let him/her be acquainted with the messages.

To my readers (who are in doubt) If you are convinced and believe in one true God and convinced and believe in Muhammad ﷺ as the Prophet and servant of God, you are already a Muslim.

just need to take Shahada. Which is testimony of faith

Allah said in Quran

Taghut means believing in Shayateen, committing shirk etc. All these kind of hoccus Poccus- jiggery- pockery things.

Obviously she was inquiring me of about Prayers in Islam. Which is one of the fundamentals.

Salah is what differentiates between a Kafir (disbeliever) and Momin (believer) .

Indeed those who don’t perform the Salah have committed Kufr.

As Salah was so beneficent to Allah that Allah presented this Fardh as a gift to him (pbuh) in the Night’s journey, called Miraj.

The whole chapter ie Surah Al Isra of the Glorious Quran, of this incident is so prolific, indeed this chapter can jolt the most inquisitive mind there are Quantum physics and signs that modern physicists are working on ie time-travel, space time continuum. How Allah describe it so precisely is indeed a proof for those who are in doubts.

That’s some another talk of the day.

The religion is not physics or geography or ones interpretations, the religion as Allah said is

following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad pbuh and Sunnah of the rightly guided Khulefa-e-rashedeen ie of Sahaba, Tabeyoon and Tabatabeyoon.

Allah will not ask about history, geography or physics or ones own thoughts or theories or quantum physics at the day of reckoning.

Quran has been guarded by Allah as Allah swt promised that He would guard it from Corruption in contrast to previous ones which got corrupted as they passed onto their progenies, keep in mind that the previous messages were time bound and localised prior to the Revelation of The Glorious Quran.

During the Sajda the servant of Allah is most close to Him and therefore it is the apt time to make dua and prolong the Sajda. It is such a beautiful state to be in. May Allah give us the Quwat to be always in the connection to Allah.

At the time of the Noble Sahabas a Muslim weren’t considered as Muslim if he/she did not pray. The questions of not praying actually warent the thing. That’s how a Muslim was recognized, and ‘is’ recognized , that’s how we can ascertain a ‘Muslim’ is not a Muslim until he/she prays.

the present day scenerio is bit mind blowing, if you see the masjid or let’s see those who celebrate Milad Un Nabi enquire them about Fajr Salah .

Since the Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, for they claim to love the prophet saw the most.


It’s a bidat to celebrate the prophet’s (saw) birthday moreover the exact birthdate of the prophet(saw) have varying opinions among the Ulemma.

This is something grave to ponder upon. May Allah guide us ameen.

The Salah is a sign of a Muslim.

And don’t fall into Bidah.

As Nabi (saw) during his last time on The Earth cried out, “As Salah as Salah” pointing the index finger to his place where he (pbuh) used to pray. And yearned and obliged out his emotions to meet us (sinners) for we would be following him without a doubt or questions.

Imagine if he (pbuh) somehow appears among us , would he (pbuh) be happy seeing our state of affairs?

On the day of judgement when the sun will be so near that we can touch it. On that day there shall be no respite no home, no shelter people will be in utter chaos, baffling around like mad man. Except the shelter of arsh.

People will run to Moses KaleemAllah, To Isa ibn Maryam, to Ibrahim KhaleelAllah (Peace be upon them all) all will deny them respite to their contrite heart for they will themselves be terrified and in a state of fear . Except when people will reach out to Muhammad pbuh who will be in the state of Sajda crying for the Ummah “Ya rab save my Ummah, Ya rab My Ummah”.

And Muhammad pbuh will identify his people through the marks of,…..

Wudhu. ablution

Their hands, and feet will be shining and there shall be marks of Sajda. Nabi saw will call them, “come come” and from his own hand will fetch us, hauze kauther.

Pray to Rab make us steadfast in the Salah, sincerely.

It is indeed a spacial gift for us that Satan will try to take away (from us.) And From namaz to kufr.

As Allah said in Quran that it saves us from Fahshah and Munkar (the Ayah can be explained further, by the scholar). Indeed the prayer must be performed sincerely and in way how Prophet Muhammad pbuh taught.

So surely in Salah there are numerous benefits for the believer, we recite Quran the word of God, and meditate in His remembrance calling out to Him.

Our main objective as a believer is to get a higher rank than the angels. That’s why Allah said “Bow down to Adam”.

How lucky are we that we humans can read Quran whilst angels can’t.. When we recite Quran angels descend down to listen and pray for that person for their khair.

Are our heart so blackened, so dark to not melt?.

Pray pray pray.

It is a doorway to success, to peace, and ultimately to Allah. may we perform the daily five times salah on time properly. Indeed we are the only one to benefit.

May Allah open our hearts to Ilm and with Ikhlas may He guide us to the path which Muhammad pbuh was upon.

And may He forgive me of my mistakes. Ameen.

Ummm I guess i will be continuing this topic as part 2 of it InshaAllah . Readers if you are making dua to the Creator of the heavens and the earths please do remember me.

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15 thoughts on “The Salah

  1. Assalam alaykum. Thank you so much for writing this. It was really a delight to read it. I was sleeping and I just woke up for no reason. I usually don’t open wordpress at this hour but I again don’t know why but visited here and to my pleasure saw this. I am really grateful to Allah (subhanahu wa ta’alaa). The whole post was a treat. Thank you Ji, you remember my shahada date. It was the most beautiful day of my life. I agree totally with you about what you say of innovators. There is an ayah in the holy Qur’an and I really loved it so much that I had bookmarked it. It is “Waith qeela lahum la tufsidoo fee alardi qaloo innama nahnu muslihoona.” (And when it is said to them, “Do not cause corruption on Earth”, they say, “We are but reformers.” May Allah bless all of us and guide us, so we never miss a single Salah. Jazakallah Khair.

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    1. Waliakumassalam. The pleasure is mine everytime.
      You are MashaAllah a very sincere girl. And nobody can say you just became a Muslim a month ago.
      So aptly you quoted the Ayat. Indeed The Haq have been said.
      Ameen, JazakAllah khair.

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  2. Thanks a lot, JazakAllah khair.
    (aha, sorry, but just a slight amendment when you use JazakAllah add khair to it, since jazah means both punishment and reward, also because It’s sunnah to use JazakAllah khair as a whole.) aha keep smiling, I hope you don’t mind, since MashaAllah your urdu is brilliant.


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