Path (unfinished) 


Deep into the clouds of horde, 

But Alone with everybody,  

I walked, searching for my aisle

In the darkness of the frivolity. 

I tread, 

To my path as I walk. 

As I walk with folks around

The faces I missed, that were masked. 

To its vanity I got ensnarled.  


I tread,

To my dears, I wrote words in my heart. 

I may end here but you should go on. 

‘What happened, happened! try to move on,

Nothing ‘s permanent here, carry on…’ 

I tread, 

To a place of unstinted abundance 

And a realm magnificent, 

I stretched my vision, 

For some clue and signs. 


I tread


The  shiny glittery way,  

A harbinger of fruitful tales. 

Confused and stepped in disdain, 

Until in it proved to be a murcuric murk. 


I tread, 


Moving, jolted by the stormy azimuth, 

Avoiding the pricking defiant thorns, 

Walking into its  dubious cloud. 

Perambulating into its wizened misery 


I tread 


Absorbing the rays for forlornly weathers 

On an embers of fierce straddle 

With the calm of reclusive hermit 

With a glowing halo charm and robed like a monk. 





Hope you like it.

Also read the next part.

part 2.
Aquib Khan

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2017.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

48 thoughts on “Path (unfinished) 

  1. This is a great. That is what life needs, we need to continue to research until we discover as many secrets as if there are no other ones. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, but there are signs casting and intuitions reminding but our overall entropy must be in order, we must strive and strive and differentiate the white from the black . Thanks fire the read panchali ma’am.


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