An unknown niche. (Poem).

Courtesy of !ns¡ght.

I can see stars

falling from the sky

Slowly but eventually.

I always wanted them

to be there to emblish

the sky, but Alas!! .

Seeing my thoughts

falling apart,

Pieces by pieces,

slowly withering away.


My puerile attempt for

the smile, sublimed,

Reminding me that i was

just a sovereign solivagant.

And nobody in your cascade

of tempting thoughts.

I shall tread yet another mile,

To hearken to a forlorn soul.

And dicipher its cryptic clues.

And feed on its pain

unless it set itself free.


I am but a dying ember,

With each light I gave I got dimmed.

Ardent albatross kept me flickering.

Sullied by the smothering hands,

Smudging me, leaving me interred.


The thoughts;thy thoughts

lingered in my grey matter,

Stealing away from my eyes to thee,

This prevaricated thoughts died,

On the pyre of thy eyes.

I now stand on a platform,

Listening to the whistle of train from afar.

It’s time to end the moments that were captured in our vitreous.

Your apprision smiled in glee,

With trailing rails

vanishing behind,

as I moved

In an unknown niche.

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©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght


Image do not belong to me.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

78 thoughts on “An unknown niche. (Poem).

      1. Hahahhaha ji jaroor par wordpress pe aisa nae hoga na
        Yaha thoda change hai
        Aap 3 logo k post pe comment kre or unko bolo k wo or 3 logo k post pe comment kare 🤣🤣

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    1. Thanks Pramegha.
      Hey, what’s the meaning of medha?
      But we had one girl named medha in our middle classes, we used to call her maida? 😂😂


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