Loved ones.

//Take a moment to read and contemplate.//

It’s been a long tirade of thoughts since I had seen that smile they were known for. That longing the yearning of long lost sons and daughters of soils are over. But how could someone make them understand that the winds then bring no heralds. No pigeon should sought them.
Their kith and kin now decay in the soil how can someone make them understand?. That those who lost lives are called “casualties”, or “collateral damage” to them, that’s it! . The bomb treat everyone equally, isn’t it? .
Young Ali upon seeing in the clear sky cried, “Mum see, I said that UFOs are real”, hardly did she arrive their existence vanished , i wished that UFO carried them away to some alien planet where they could happily atleast survive.
Alas, now they still stand on these bulwark overseeing the other side, to reminisce the once happy state, sans insanity, sans cruelty sans oppression and just sans and sans…..
They don’t even cry now, you know why? For them they are living, it bedazzles me at times. To lose someone close leaves a mark deep in the heart.
They are living their life to die, in hope that they will unite and tell them ie to their loved ones, “my heart though beated but in each lubb dubb memories grew stronger”.
As i leave this pen some tears of joy and distress fill my eyes, what flesh and bones they have? I cannot discern.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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