Why did the rose wilt too soon ?
I saw yesterday shining bright so red.
Now white-loosing all the sheen .
For every walk I took I fell on ground.
This life is difficult like a jigsaw puzzle.
Me the battered soul feared to bathe 
In the warmth of the sun that Maa told.

I hid my tears when Maa asked me,
"How are you my son", wish I could tell 
" I am shattered", but I said,"better 
Like never before". Because her smile 
is the only thing that have kept me alive. 
Now, the neon signs flashing bright ,
Those gifts, the chandeliers the garden 
Everything that you're cheerful for are not 
Colorful to me but just black and white.

I have bruised myself and failed tests,
And failed everyone that loved me. 
Wish I could return to the child me,
And be cheerful again out of the pangs 
Of ramparts of calumny affairs.
Love for me is like the mirage in the desert 
That pummeled me choking the hell out .

My feathers one by one got plucked ,
A featherless bird looking at sky ,
Nothing as such remained all that left 
Were some savor of the past turning into 
Poison- killing as time rolled by writing 
My Stories in the parchments with the 
Words dripped in my tears and blood
Unsung as I drooled towards the precipice 
Of life with few breaths and beats remaining.
©//Aquib //.

©Copyright reserved

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Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

12 thoughts on “Festered

  1. Oh professor hum Kitne din se intezaar Kar Rahe the aapki is style ki poem Ka. Mashallah.

    The rise will never wilt oh professor,
    Till eternity it will bloom.

    Aap kaise hain, Abu kaise Hain ?

    Liked by 1 person

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