A poem on love. Loves do fade away. 

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Its me again( please spare some time with me, I will leave in about 5 minutes or less)

(Happy Eid.😇😇😇😇

May all your dreams come true and you find your peace and tranquility. 👼👼👼) 

I want you to close your eyes and think what love is, before you read my poem.

Before that read this.

  • “love”  for your parents that demands utmost respectfulness.
  •  love for a food or love for anything.
  • “love”  for your pet, and shoes etc.
  • love”  in which you find peace and tranquility, this love is for one special person, which is unique and uncommon, and there is varied emotion attached to it
  • (In islam, relationship is considered more holy between boy and girl if the love persist between them then it requires for them to get wed locked without any delay with the consent of the girl’s father only.)

{Remember good receive goodness only. (Intellectual needs only a gesture.)}

[And your intention is the key  that you will carry for yourself, always have a right intention, my dear friends.]

Now ,,,bam, here we go. Click the link given in between stanzas to play a clipping of the song that relates to the poem. Very Important. 


Time for the love to fade.

I saw you through a distant land

The space ‘tween us measured in light years 

The distance we had cannot be filled 

Even by the elder wand. 


Smiling with a surreal charm on her face

I had never seen such a glance 

A feeling profound and ethereal

a glee with a halo charm.




I wish I had a chance to express. 

I think she never felt the same. 

Time eschewed away with a tithony*

The gift of remembrance and melancholy. 

All cares and laugh all gone. 

As the distance became profound 

a reference point like in physics 

In the frame that doesn’t  exist. 



You are my love, it’s not a fallacy. 

but am none for you, not in your abbacy.

I am a wave no sooner I’ll wash away.

And I hope you the best,

And you deserve more than me.

For I am alone in a deserted land.

Like a bird without a nest that begin to fly. 

Like a shine on brim of horizon beginning to fade. 


You my love a part that I miss. 

Like a rainbow in my sky, 

That give me the smile. 

Yet for a while. 


You have to move away from me. 

You will be more than happy, I bet 

Just take a step move ahead and 

Give me a smile and fare me well.. 

Its time time for my love to fade. 



With lots of love

Aquib Khan. (Esteemed bloggers remember me in your prayers Please)

Carry on the same Taqwa that you have attained in the month of Ramadan.

Keep smiling.

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33 thoughts on “A poem on love. Loves do fade away. 

      1. Egypt is such a beautiful country with lovely people, I am from India and we have our Eid tomorrow, 😂😂😂 enjoy your food, while I get back to my cleaning.


  1. What a wonderful piece of writing… hats off to you… Every stanza is wisely penned… This stanza is really awesome…

    “All cares and laugh all gone.

    As the distance became profound

    a reference point like in physics

    In the frame that doesn’t exit.

    Waw… What a way to relate… very nice work… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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